vendredi 28 octobre 2016

Maybe your are a burlesque warrior

Maybe you are a burlesque warrior if...

-you woke up with a cold and fever at 6:00 in the morning to go to catch your early flight to perform the same night. (You had eventually a 8 hours travel the day before)

-your flight has been delayed of 3hours and you missed your connexion train to the city you're about to perform in, but you managed everything buying extra train tickets that are later as long as you had the wifi

-your flight is actually 5 hours late and you missed even the next train but you managed to book the next one with free wifi from a coffee shop.

-when after landing in the opposite terminal than the station to the center, you're able to run with your 23kilos luggage to the other terminal and make it to train to the center that will maybe make you on time for the last train to the city you will perform.

-managing the rush hour with your 23kilos luggage in the underground of one of the busiest city of Europe. (Without elevator, of course) 

-finally being on that last train

-understand that your train will make you arrive 15 min before the show starts and manage to start your make up in the train in the rush hour

-have amazing producers that in the meanwhile arrange to make you perform a bit later than expected.

-managing to do your make up when the guy next to you stares at you: critical eyeliner moment, critical eyebrow moment, critical lips moments all managed when train is moving (in the middle of sneezing... you have a cold with fever, remember?)

-being hungry as hell (in the rush, no time to stop to buy food) but luckily you took protein bars

-arrived at the venue, took a big breath, put your costume on a time record, and rocked the stage.

At that point you can call your self a Burlesque Warrior, or even a Burlesque Hero, because...well you probably need it and deseeve it.

Ps: never take cheap flights the day of your show... oh and also never EVER EasyJet! 


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