mardi 11 septembre 2012


Wooopsy! Seems like not only weeks but months since my last post...!
But don't worry, that doesn't mean I have nothing to share... It's the opposite.
I did so many things these last months that I wanted to share here with you!
I did two videoshoots for the Stevans's song Glamourous night 
and a swiss Tv Series called So Sorry
a radio interview for frequence banane, some shows here and there, 
photoshoots in Paris for really nice burlesque projects,
was part of a super nice project called "les copines d'Edmond"
 with some of my burlesque friends of Geneva, I did my website on my own,
what else... I'm sure I forgot something. 

BUT for now tadaaaaam here is my website

check it out ;)


Lou On the Rock's

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