dimanche 4 mars 2012

Palais Mascotte & Lido

Another surprise that I have for you here......is that I'll be performing
at the Palais Mascotte in Geneva, from the 6th until the 24th of March!
It sounds crazy for me because it's one of the first places where I saw
a burlesque show and that I thought : "that seems so right to me."
Dancing, acting, fancy costumes, feminity...and the most lovely thing:
different women, different bodies, different personalities
on the same stage enjoying and celebrating being themselves.

So of course, I feel honored to perform on these stages,
where it all started...

And the 8th of March, Emma Mylan and her Pin up school
(that means us, the girls of her burlesque school :D )
are performing at the Lido in Lausanne.
It won't be a simple event. That will be the reflect of new paths,
the reflect of the most beautiful growing flowers that I ever saw...
That will be, for sure, a crazy amazing show, full of energy and love...
So I'm obviously honored to be part of this event, and I can't wait to be there!


Loulou on the Rock's

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