vendredi 3 février 2012

Valentine's day is coming....

....and it seems like a already recieved gifts.
It looks like 2012 is a very good year for all my projects
Our Workshop teacher Emma Mylan (which is, by the way one of the most amazing person I know),
organized two shows for us. One in Lausanne the 8th of March, at the Lido,
and another one in Zurich, at the Plaza the 16th of May

But the "bonus" is that I also have other projects not related to the workshop.
In two weeks, I'll be on stage in Zurich as well!
And I'll let you know about the other suprises very soon...

I'm so happy to live all these crazy, fascinating things.
Happy is maybe not enough. Grateful should be the word.
Grateful to be so lucky and to have the oportunity to live all these beautiful moments :)

all pics of me by Christa Durante

To finish this post, these words that sounded powerful to me,
are my valentine gift to you bloggers


Loulou On The Rock's

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