mardi 22 novembre 2011

One of these crazy things I thought I'd never do, but that I actually did...!!!

Like do a very very short performance in a bar in Geneva last saturday... But I did,
with the girls of the burlesque workshop I'm doing as a student.
I'm not a big fan of the idea of performing in a bar.
People are coming to drink on saturday nights and
I was afraid that people won't react in a good mood or even look at us.
It was complitely the opposit!
I was just feeling a little bit oppressed by the crowd, it was tricky
beacause I had to get throught it to go to the stage (we had not real stage conditions),
but at the end, that was maybe wich made this moment that much special.
That was crazy, fun and glamourous all in the same time!

The marine character:
photo by studioregard

on the very small stage (sorry for bad quality pictures)



Loulou on the Rock's

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